Looking into the eye of the horse is like having a window into the universe

Horses have been our partners since the beginning of time

They transported us, plowed our fields, and even carried us into war. At Oniya, we honor this sacred historical relationship.

Our horses are our family, our teammates, and our greatest teachers. We love them with all our hearts. Some have been with our family forever; some have been performers sharing joy all over the planet to sold-out crowds, and some have been powerful saints carrying cowboys all over ranches in the great West. All are magical. All are home with us at Oniya.

When you come to Oniya, you will meet these magical beasts, and they will be your coaches to living in the moment and finding your authentic self. How are they coaches? They are prey animals which means they are the masters at energetically “reading the room”. The moment they meet you, they feel your pain, power, heart, and intention by sensing your energy. They are non-judgmental analysts that immediately feel if you are a friend or foe. They need to sense the real you for their own livelihood. Their reflection back to us and how they perceive us helps us

authentically see ourselves. They want to bring balance to the ranch and every being on it. You included. Their safety depends on it. Rather than being distracted by our active, constantly chattering mind, they have a survival need to calm us back into the reality of our bodies so they can be aware of the real natural predators in their midst.

They will guide you, challenge you, hold you, and love you with their huge hearts. They will do all that through safe human-facilitated introductions, group connections, and one-on-one connections. Our horse experiences happen eye to eye on the ground. You absolutely do not need any experience with horses prior to visiting us. Inexperience is just as powerful if not more in having a profound experience at Oniya.  We can’t wait to see which ones you connect with and who will be your favorite.