Real Lodging

Relax into the stay of a lifetime in big sky country

Stay In, Go Out, Create Something

You get to experience the dream life of living on a 400-acre ranch in Montana without all the work that goes into such a lifestyle. Your stay allows you to be in nature, connect with animals, walk the land, enjoy the local flair, take in Big Sky star gazing, nap under a tree, or sit on a rocking chair on the porch for hours.

Our guests range from creatives looking for a quiet space and magical energy to write, to adventure freaks, to people who are just tired and need a place to run to that supports them in rejuvenating and rebooting, or just plain having real fun in Montana.


  • The most comfortable beds in the state, all-cotton, naturally luxurious bed linens, a bathroom with towels, blow dryer, natural Montana-made soaps and hair products. Spend time in our cozy community living room with fireplace, puzzles, guitars, library, board games and guest gatherings.
  • Daily Breakfast of Oniya’s famous homemade Granola, fresh fruit, and coffee/tea wall.
  • 400-acres of privacy, nature, and serenity to find your favorite spot to be alone and think.
  • Walk along on-site trail system with a variety of views and ecosystems.
  • Nature’s Gym that is specifically designed to teach us to love moving our bodies.
  • Fence chatting with our 17 magical beasts, two mischievous donkeys, two cats that do not speak to each other, and four dogs with distinct personalities.

Oniya Wellbeing Experiences Available for Purchase

Horse Love

Horse 101 Class

Learn the Oniya belief system around partnering, learning, and growing from horses. This class is a precursor to working with any of our horses in the Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program. This is a one-of-a-kind experience and will change your idea of the magic behind horses and how they can change your life. Find more about our horse experience here. $150 per person (2 hours)

Reflective Grooming

This is a peaceful experience that we guide you into working with the whole herd of Canadians (the name of our all white/gray Arabian horses). You will learn to watch, read, and understand the communication of the herd. You also create an amazing connection with your horse to feel into what an authentic relationship could feel like when we operate from the heart. $250 per person per hour (maximum of 2 hours)

One-On-One Horse Coaching

This is a deep dive into Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). You will be guided to connect and get into any questions or challenges you may be facing in your life. We support you in safely “bringing it to the horse.” Leave plenty of time to take in multiple coaching sessions as you can literally eliminate a limiting belief you may be carrying around and you may have a couple. $350 per person (1 hour)

Horse Meditation and Visioning

This peaceful time with a horse or herd of your choice will teach you the power of meditation and visioning. This is a perfect opportunity to embrace going slow, being intentional, and remaining open to the possibility that for you, less may truly be more. $100 per person (1 hour)

Horse Love Package

Choose our popular cost-saving Horse Love Package to ensure your all-encompassing EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) experience. When
you purchase this package, your first day will consist of Horse 101 which gives you an overview as to why we partner with horses and what makes horses such great coaches for humans. You will also get connected to the herd in Reflective Grooming that introduces you to the magic of connecting to horses and
understanding their language. The next day, you will graduate to the One-On-One Horse Coaching that will not only connect you to the horse that chooses you, but it will also connect you to you. $675 per person (5 hours over two days)

Wellbeing Modalities

Morning Personal Practice

Meet at the Oniya Personal Practice Studio at 8:00 am to learn how to live your life on purpose by creating a daily Personal Practice that both grounds you into what is and supports you in envisioning what is to come. This is a peaceful, gentle, and fun approach to bringing in the day. You will be provided with a format and the freedom to make this practice the thing you can’t wait to wake up to. $150 per person (1 hour) $50 per hour for additional days


Meet at the Oniya Personal Practice Studio for a facilitated breathwork session with Kristi Overgaard. Methodically breathing into our bodies allows us to release limiting beliefs or energies that keep us stuck in old ways that no longer serve us. This powerful healing modality brings us to the freedom to let go of any heaviness that does not support us in believing it is possible to live lighter and happier. $200 per person (1 hour)

One-on-One Coaching with Kristi Overgaard

Schedule time with our founder to address any topic within her coaching expertise. Her range includes:

  • Business and Brand Development
  • Culture Development
  • Sabbatical Planning and Management
  • Equine Connection
  • Meditation
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Self-love
  • Anything Oniya

$350 per hour

Oniya Massage

This is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind massage experience in a cabin in the Big Sky on a hill overlooking Oniya. The room has such a visionary energy that grounds you into the feeling that anything is possible. Our massage therapists can offer a variety of calming, healing, and deep tissue experiences depending on your need that day. Do this. $250 per person (90 minutes)

Nature Immersion

Sky Viewing

You can certainly go outside and look up at night to take in the wonderment of the stars, or you can take our guided approach breathing in the entire universe. $75 per person (45 minutes) depending upon weather

On-site Trail Guide

Set off on a fun walk-about with an Oniya guide to visit the original homestead, Nature’s Gym, the Oniya chapel, the hill hearts, the phallic sculpture, “the question walk,” and the Ursula bench. This is a three-hour experience. $200 per person (3 hours)

Guided Off-site Hiking with Lunch

An Oniya guide will load you up with our on-site backpacks with lunch, water, and nature restroom baggies. You will be driven to one of the coolest hikes that follows Rock Creek the entire journey. We can meet your levels anywhere from a 1 hour gentle undulating hike to a more challenenging 3 hour hike to a stunning alpine lake. $150 per hour per person


Red Lodge Tour

An Oniya guide will load you up and drive you into town. You will walk the precious downtown main street, enjoy lunch at Wild Table, take in an hour of shopping, and walk to the shoreline of Rock Creek to take in its powerful vibe. $100 per person per hour

Amish Experience Tour and Lunch

Visit the Amish furniture store to take in their craft and design aesthetics, then travel next door to the Amish deli and grocery store called the Chuckwagon. There you will have a famously delicious Amish Sandwich (no non-gluten options) while we share some of the ideology behind our local Amish sector. This is an interesting adventure that reminds us all that a more simple life can be extremely full and fascinating. $100 per person (2 hours) lunch included

What can I do on my own around the area?

Play and Eat

Just down the road in our cozy town you can engage in some day-drinking, pool playing, or karaoke-ing at our favorite spot called The Lost Village. When you see Johnny Cash on the wall, you will know you are in the right place. If you are lucky enough to go when Jimmy, the larger-than-life bar manager, is in you can say hi to him from Oniya and get a free order of tater tots.

Red Lodge is just 15 minutes away – The coolest little ski town in Montana offers incredible local shopping, constant events, and restaurants. Here are some of our favorites: The Wild Table, Prerogative Kitchen, and Piccola Cucina Group.

For our meat lover’s choice, take the scenic drive to the Edgar Bar in yes, Edgar, Montana for the best steak in the state. Play your favorite Spotify list and take in the stellar beauty all around you.

Natural Wonders

Take a drive on the Beartooth highway that is called “The most beautiful roadway in America” by Charles Kuralt. People come from all over the world to take in this mind-blowing excursion. If there is any weather, this road is closed due to its elevations so check the access before your adventure.

Yellowstone National Park is only a 1-hour drive to see the first United States National Parks and one of the most awe-inspiring in the world. A 2-hour drive into Bozeman will take you to the sites you see in the television phenomenon, Yellowstone. 

The Tippet Rise Art Center is an art venue located on an 12,000-acre working ranch in southcentral Montana, north of Yellowstone National Park. The art center presents concerts by world-renowned classical musicians and exhibits large-scale contemporary outdoor sculptures. If is just a 45-minute scenic drive away from the ranch.


Beartooth Hiking Spots are some of the most beautiful you will ever see. Walk along Rock Creek or make your way straight up to a breath-taking alpine lake.

Nordic Skiing

Red Lodge Mountain Ski Resort

Whitewater Rafting

The Oniya Lodge is located approximately 50 miles from Billings, Montana.


Your Ranch Room

Due to the private nature of the Oniya lodging experience, all prospective guests are invited to meet with an Oniya team member for reservation consideration. Once you have requested a booking, we will be in touch within 24 hours.

When planning, make sure and choose the season that works for your visit’s goals. The Montana weather can be unpredictable, and we cannot promise what Mother Nature will offer up, but here is a basic guide:

October-March is best for introspection, skiing, or cozy lodge time with some fireplace watching.

April-May is usually still cold, but the land is starting to transition to Spring with the babies starting to arrive.

June-September is beautiful for all summer experiences like hiking, sightseeing, and being out on the land.

For more information and overall property details, click below.

Hay, I want to see it all!

The Ursula Room at Oniya Lodge

2 Beds, Sleeps up to 3 Guests

The Ursula offers a secluded suite with views towards the horse pastures and the gleaming pond. The beautiful rich woods and the cozy stone gas fireplace will have you feeling like ranch royalty. The world-class king-sized bed is naturally dressed in all-cotton linens and your bathroom is the perfect home spa with a large tub and shower and aromatic locally produced natural soaps. Ursula does have a television in case you need it. Off the main room in the Ursula, there is a step-down loft room with a second Queen bed surrounded by our library of favorite books that have catapulted us forward in life. There are 2 beds and 1 bathroom in this suite.

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The Maya Room at Oniya Lodge

1 Bed, Sleeps up to 2 Guests

The Maya is the room of grace and peacefulness. It offers a luxurious king-sized bed that is naturally dressed in all-cotton linens and your shower/tub combination bathroom is brought to life with our aromatic locally produced natural soaps. The Maya offers beautiful views of horse pastures and the tipi village. The Maya does have a television in case you need it. You will also have direct access through French doors to the Lodge porch filled with pondering rocking chairs. There is one queen bed and one bathroom in this suite.

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The Chief Room at Oniya Lodge

1 Bed, Sleeps up to 2 Guests

The Chief is a very powerful, rich room that feels a bit Hemmingway-ish. The beautiful log frame is a super comfortable queen bed naturally dressed in all-cotton linens and your shower/tub combination bathroom is brought to life with our aromatic locally produced natural soaps. The Chief offers direct access through French doors to the Lodge’s slate patio where you can socialize, dine, or just watch the wildlife activity on the hills. Your views from the room include horse pastures and the hills where the deer roam regularly. There is one queen bed and one bathroom in this suite.

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The Astro with Silver Suite at Oniya Lodge

2 Beds, Sleeps up to 4 Guests 

The Astro is named after a stunning palomino horse and is a very inspiring space with views of pastures to the north, east, and west. This two-room suite has a jack-and-jill bathroom connecting the 2 spaces. The main Astro room provides a king-sized bed that is naturally dressed in all-cotton linens and the bathroom is brought to life with aromatic locally produced natural soaps. 

The Silver Suite is named after a mystical Arabian that is the closest horse we have to a unicorn. It has a beautiful queen-sized bed elevated on a wood pedestal with beautiful views from the bed. Each room has private a private entrance and is perfect for roommates. There is one king bed, one queen bed, and one bathroom in this suite.

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