commune, breathe, be, and celebrate

There are three ways to visit Oniya, depending on what you want your experience to be grounded in. Each retreat includes nature immersion and working with our healing horses.

Retreat with nature immersion and equine assisted learning


Nature is our only truth and our greatest healer. Get back to nature. Get back to you. This is where the answers are.

We provide a meaningful way to return to your human roots located in nature. This allows you to take a deep breath outside, be nurtured, reset your internal conversation, repair your mental and physical approach, be guided to follow your authentic path, hug a tree, and celebrate. We offer retreats to individuals, groups, companies, or creative teams. And yes, you will do all of this with horses. Our magical equine beasts will be your coaches.

Creativity immersion retreat — music, photography, writing, developing, design

Creative Immersion Retreat

Every great entrepreneur is a designer. Every manifestation in life begins with a clear, creative concept.

Whether we root your experience in music, photography, writing, developing, design, or some combination of these, we create the experiences to envelop you in the kind of creativity that wakes you up and ignites you into seeing what’s next. You do not have to be creative or have any noticeable talent to play in this sandbox. And yes, you will do all of this with horses. Our magical equine beasts will be your coaches.

Think Tank Retreat — for corporations, non-profits, groups and individuals define and execute actual solutions to your challenges

Think Tank Retreat

does your organization have a challenge that either stops productivity, THE MISSION, or the experience of a healthy culture? let’s solve it together.

Nature is the ultimate collaborator. We use the laws of nature to inspire and seed new outcomes. We have access to some of the greatest minds that are open to “running to the ranch” to support your think tank. Corporations, non-profits, groups, and individuals engage Oniya to provide a fertile environment for both fresh perspectives and deep-dive, open-minded creativity. Together we will define and execute actual solutions to your challenges. Contact us with your think tank need to obtain a pricing. And yes, there will be horses.

All guests must be 18 years or older to attend.

2022 Season

of retreats


Each retreat experience starts on Monday evening at 6:00 pm at an opening dinner. Your visit will conclude with Friday morning breakfast of celebration. Depending on your return flight, you will depart the ranch at the time that makes sense for your departure time. (Don’t worry, we will keep you fed until you leave).

Our weekday schedule allows for you to arrive home and integrate your experience over the weekend. The actual agenda of each week changes based on the attendees’ intentions.

While each retreat has a theme based on following nature’s rhythms, they are all rooted in our 11 Guides of Well-Being and support your communicated intentions.

Return Not Retreat

May 23 - May 27

Spring Reset

Starting Something New

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Jun 06 - Jun 10

Movement and the Body

Experience Nature's Gym

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Jun 13 - Jun 17

Calling all Ranch Hands

Work on the Ranch

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Jun 27 - Jul 01

Listen to your heart

Life’s Greatest Coach

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Jul 18 - Jul 22

Breathe – Relax

“Be” Not “Do” Week

Fully Booked

Creativity Immersion Retreat

Aug 01 - Aug 05

Creative Visions

Reflective Photography, Writing, and Art

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Aug 15 - Aug 19

Time To Play

Inner Child Week

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Aug 29 - Sep 02

What Do You Want?

Clarity and Purpose Development

Fully Booked

Creativity Immersion Retreat

Sep 12 - Sep 16

Ho’ oponopono – Clearing Relationships

Learn How Our Energy Affects Everything

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Sep 26 - Sep 30

Life Purpose and Personal Brand

Mapping Out Your True North

Fully Booked

Return Not Retreat

Oct 03 - Oct 07

Thanksgiving Week

Gratitude and Celebration

Fully Booked

What's Included:

Extremely private and personalized stay on a secluded 400 acre ranch with a total of only 4-6 guests.

Each guest receives a minimum of 6 hours a day of facilitated experiences based on their visit’s intentions.

All healing modalities and equine coaching sessions.

Movement experiences with guides; yoga, hiking, star viewing, trails, etc. All customized for you.

Accommodations with the best beds ever.

All heartfelt meals and snacks.

Locally sourced natural bath products.

Transportation from and to Billings International Airport / Oniya.

Arrival to Billings, Montana


(Cost includes taxes and fees. Think Tank Retreats are priced per request.)

All guests must be 18 years or older to attend.

This experience is about you. Our entire team of horses and people will help you shift something big and important in your life that will move you forward. We are not a standard retreat; we are Oniya.

Thank you for a beautiful 2022 season. We will be unveiling our 2023 season on December 11, 2022. Please come back and check out what we will create together in 2023.


Let’s book it!


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An Oniya team member will contact you to finalize your request through a brief interview.

During that call, you will complete your reservation and schedule your intention call with Kristi Overgaard.

Your experience will be created around your intentions.

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