Return Not Retreat

September 26 - September 30

Life Purpose and Personal Brand

Mapping Out Your True North

Oniya is moving through the Fall season, and the trees are now showing all their colors. Their true, beautiful, and individual colors. There are no two trees or leaves or blades of grass that are the same. Like the landscape, we are unique individuals. We don’t dream, wish, or feel like anyone else. There is no other “you.” We will take this week and clearly articulate who you are and why you are here. What is your logo, your flag to wave, your path, or your dream? We will take you through a mapping exercise that gives you your marching orders to create the life you choose to lead.

All retreats are based on our 11 Guides to Well-Being and are all unique based on the specific season of arrival. You will eat well, move your body, breathe, hang out with horses, spend some time alone, learn healing modalities, experience the real Montana, and play. The details around your results at Oniya will be created by you and the other attendees’ intention calls. Each retreat is customized by you. 

You will arrive on Monday night to get an overview of Oniya and get nested in your room. The next morning you will begin a week of renewing experiences of calm, enriching fun, and excavation. Friday morning will hold a celebration of your journey with some photographs around the ranch.

When you complete your reservation, you will be given access to our Guest Login page. There you will see all details around your arrival, what to pack, and contact information to ask as many questions as you want prior to your arrival.

$4400 Per Guest



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