The questions below relate to Oniya Ranch Retreats. If you have any questions about Oniya Lodging, click here.

What city do I fly to?

You fly into Billings-Logan International airport in Billings, Montana. When you reserve your retreat, you will be guided into our Guest Portal and receive all travel details.

Do I need to know how to ride a horse?

Not at all. There will be no riding of horses on your first visit, and you will be guided through safety at every encounter. Not having horse experience makes your visit with us even more fun and magical. Find out more about The Oniya Ranch Horse-Human Connection here.

What will the food be like?

The food is all real food. Our animal proteins are locally sourced and sustainably managed when at all possible. Our meals are all dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free. We can accommodate vegan guests easily. There is no alcohol served unless your group is buying out the whole week and this is a personal request.

If I am an Oniya Lodging guest, what is the best way to manage my meals?

Your breakfast of our famous granola will be served every morning. There are also beautiful breakfast options within 5 and 20 minutes (gets better the further you go) if you want to venture out. Your lunches and dinners can also be achieved with a less than 20 minute adventure, or you can buy groceries at the local IGA and enjoy the community kitchen, or finally, you can hire the our team to provide you with our Oniya Fuel Plan customized to your specific needs.

What will the accommodations be like? Will I be sharing a room?

You will have your own room unless you choose to sleep with someone, and they also agree to sleep with you. Couples may choose to reserve separate rooms for an optimal experience. Having your own space is very important to us. In some instances, you will be sharing a bathroom in a hall facility or through a Jack and Jill bath. Remember, you are coming to our home, so we are not designed to be a hotel environment. It is homey by design.

What shall I pack?

You will receive a full packing list in the guest portal after your reservation is complete. The short answer is play clothes. No fancy stuff here, or we will laugh at you like my family used to do to me.

Do I need a rental car?

Oniya Ranch Custom Retreat Guests will be picked up and returned to the airport within their package. Walk Oniya guests will either be driving or will need to rent transportation from the airport.

How many people will be in the retreats?

Most retreats will have a total of 6 attendees. We keep our numbers low based on the intimate nature of the experience. Your company or group can buy out any week if you want to ensure you are with your friends or teammates. An individual is welcome to buy out the week at the full six attendee price.

Are children allowed to be a guest?

Only adults over 18 are welcome to our retreats. The experiences we provide and excel in are based on our skillsets around mature questions and answers that support adult intentions and are not geared towards children’s topics.

Can I bring my dog?

As dog lovers, we are so sorry to respond that you cannot bring your dog. We have several ranch dogs that are protective over their land, and more importantly, we have horses. Dogs that are not used to horses can easily be injured by not understanding the horse’s need to protect themselves against a predator animal they don’t know.

Is Oniya Ranch a non-profit organization?

It is not. We do however have a 501C3 called The Heart Brand Foundation. Ask us for more information about this mission during your visit.