We are here for you. We have created an enchanting haven in Montana, where our sole purpose is to support and empower you, especially during times when you might struggle to do so for yourself. At our private, love-filled ranch, adorned with hearts, animals, and the serene beauty of country life, we offer a sanctuary for introspection and self-belief.

Here, under the endless stars, you'll find an authentic retreat unlike any other. With just eight rooms, we prioritize privacy and personalized experiences, ensuring you feel heard, nurtured, inspired, and rejuvenated.

Your journey to Oniya Ranch begins with a scenic 50-minute drive south from Billings, Montana, culminating in a heartwarming arrival at our intentionally discreet 580-acre oasis. It's here, among the rolling hills, peaceful ponds, and our animals, that you'll start to feel the grounding connection to nature and the profound communication with our gentle, wise horses. These moments of connection pave the way for a shift towards creativity and self-discovery.

Whether you're seeking solitude, a team retreat, or a creative escape, Oniya Ranch offers the perfect backdrop for listening to your inner voice and harnessing the power to redefine your approach to life. Here, you might, conceive a groundbreaking idea, compose a new song, or simply grant yourself the time to pause, breathe, and know who you are again.


We pride ourselves in creating this real, welcoming place that feels like a returning to home. One of our core values of our company is described simply as Montana-Real. For us, that means that we tell it like it is, we treat people the way we want to be treated, and we keep the “cowboy” code we grew up with alive and well. 

You will not be catered to here, you will be nurtured and loved in an honest and authentic Montana way. There are no scripts here. Being Montana-Real is the greatest gift we can give you.

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All Oniya Retreats guests must be 18 years or older to attend. 



You may be coming here for personal healing, celebrating yourself or others, or just to “be” for the first time in a long time. With eight suites to 580 acres, we give you those opportunities without audiences. Many of you are in the public eye and it can be exhausting to have your every move watched. Our accommodations are in a rustically, luxurious lodge or an artfully cool farmhouse where all guests are prequalified prior to their arrival. You can also choose to buy out either location or the entire ranch for your experience if you need to turn up the privacy.