We are Oniya Ranch — a 580-acre private, horse ranch and retreat venue located in Roberts, Montana. We believe in taking great care of our land, our animals, and ourselves. Our company culture is positive, healthy people doing what they love and being in contribution to the animals, other team members, and our guests.


Our property supports the following endeavors:


We offer a variety of retreats to individuals, groups, companies, or creative teams. Each retreat is curated specifically to the guest’s needs. All retreats utilize nature immersion, delicious and healthy food, and working with our healing horses through EAL (Equine Assisted Learning.)


We provide Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) as an experiential learning technique that facilitates personal growth through working with our amazing horses. This is an established educational, experiential program within a group format or one-on-one. All EAL focuses on ground activities rather than riding horses.


We have a beautiful lodge located in a stunning place. To share this beauty with others, the lodge is rented out for guest stays when available. The ranch sometimes hosts private events and concerts.



Equine/Barn Manager

A day in the life: Arrive at ranch by 8 am, let the Arabian herd (7 horses) out of their stalls to pasture, give grain to the Ranch herd (6 horses), give grain to Mare herd (2 mares, 2 donkeys, and one steer), when everyone has water and food checks, meds for 2 horses, and body checks, then clean out 7 stalls and restock their spaces for the evening. Clean and restock all grain buckets for tomorrow. Groom one herd.

Start on weekly projects such as barn cleaning and organization, supply purchasing, hay barn stacking, horse exercising, riding, grooming, 4x4 cleaning and gas filling, feed research, scheduling preventative horse maintenance, pasture rotation, fence checking, weed eradication, retreat preparation, retreat participation in moving and supporting horses, tack care, support other team members, etc.)

At 3:00 pm start getting ready for evening checks of water, feed, and pastures. Then fill fresh waters in stalls and put Arabians away by 5:00 pm for end of day. (Arabians are only stalled in late fall, winter, and during any inclement weather).

The Role:

  • Leadership role for a committed, confident, positive person that loves caring for horses and intelligently managing barn operations
  • Capable of extremely physical ranch duties lifting to 80lbs
  • Year-round, full-time position.
  • Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday
  • Completely adapted to Montana weather conditions

Core Duties:

  • Provide daily caretaking and the grooming of three herds of horses (total of fifteen horses), two donkeys, and a steer.
  • Manage pasture rotations and fencing management with ability to intelligently move herds around to promote the ultimate grazing and land health
  • One herd of 7 is stalled during weather and needs meticulous stall cleaning during those times. Primarily through October-April.
  • Manage the barn facilities for operational excellence, cleanliness and orderliness, on-going development, and budget adherence.
  • Develop feed programs, hay purchasing plans and vendor relationships, health care protocols, and keep supplies and feed stocked at all times by anticipating annual needs way before supplies needed.
  • Pick up or manage the pickup of all needed supplies.
  • Exercise all horses based on their individual health needs and their role on the team. Examples: EAL horses get separation exercises, riding horses need ridden regularly and tuned up, donkey training for packing guest supplies, and keep Arabian liberty horses moving for optimum health.
  • Confidently ride with on-site team or guests when we offer under-saddle experiences on occasion
  • Confidently manage any secondary horse team members or caretaking team members that participate with respect in your department of Equine and Barn Management


  • Person is always early or on-time and is extremely dependable

  • Trustworthy and operating from integrity

  • Person is a self-starter and an independent worker as well as open to collaboration for optimum operations

  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience in working with horses and very knowledgeable about their care

  • Good observational skills to notice any changes in horse’s condition. Must understand geriatric care of horses as well.

  • Able to provide basic first aid to animals

  • Capable of operation a skid-steer, ranch vehicles, and basic tractors for loading and moving materials

  • Proficient at riding horses with soft hand and have deep knowledge of proper tack practices

  • Must be proficient at trailering horses – patient loading and unloading skills

  • Vet-tech or in depth equine first aid experience very helpful and highly desired

  • Must be able to lift 75lbs easily and regularly

  • Must have a positive attitude and enjoys their work

  • Must be able to communicate needs and ideas to benefit the ranch and its team members

  • Must have positive teamwork attitude and enjoys lending a hand where needed

  • Proper Montana vehicle able to traverse to ranch during winter months

To apply for this position, email your resume to breathe@oniya.com. If you have any questions, contact us at 406.765.8245.



The Role:

  • Live on-site Caretaker and Maintenance at Oniya Ranch to provide well-rounded skillsets, stability, and maintenance support for the land, buildings, machines, and animals. This role could also be a couple with the Horse and Barn Manager role added to the responsibilities. Request that additional job description if interested.

Core Duties:

On-site Management

  • On-site presence, year-round resident, back up horse and animal care
  • Winter snow plowing, daily shoveling, well management and housing heat checks
  • Primary Dog, Cat, and Chicken care when owner is traveling

Landscaping and Pond Management

  • Mowing, grooming, weeding, seeding, log and twig removal, trail clearing, etc.

Building Maintenance

  • Filters, lighting, winterizing, staining, basic repairs, etc.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management -Keep detailed records
  • Neighbor, contractor, and vendor relations
  • Fencing Repair and Pasture rotations
  • Supplies pickup and distribution
  • Support all leadership and team members as needed


  • Committed, high level of integrity, reliable, and professional with pride of workmanship

  • Able to lift to 100lbs and capable of extremely physical ranch duties

  • Proficient horse trailer loading and hauling

  • Operational excellence in skid steer, tractors, mowers, weed eaters, and utility vehicles

  • Horse talent and knowledge in riding and caretaking

  • Organized and detail-oriented

  • Self-starter with anticipatory skills

  • Stellar communications skills with team members and ranch guests

To apply for this position, email your resume to breathe@oniya.com. If you have any questions, contact us at 406.765.8245.