The Covid Talk

COVID sucks. That is the universal agreement that binds us. It has been scary, exhausting, confusing, deadly, polarizing, maddening, heartbreaking, and impossible. However, it is the creation of a movement among “the human race” to get back outside.

In that respect, the bug of COVID-19 supported the world in reengaging with nature. If we could unearth any upside, that is it. The creation of Oniya’s mission and this movement were in complete alignment. Everything we are about is convening with and immersing in nature.

How do we manage Covid-19 at Oniya? The only two things that bring us inside are sleeping and any uncomfortable weather. Besides that, we dine, play, hike, have classes,
nap, engage with the animals, do chores, journal, commune, and breathe outside.

We meticulously clean and sanitize our rooms and community spaces. We always have and always will. Do we keep our gathering sizes down? Eight guests are the maximum group size we entertain. Mostly we host four guests at a time.

Are all our team members immunized? They are not. That is not something we can guarantee. Do we wear masks? We do not. Suppose there is a spike in cases that seems unmanageable to us. In that case, we will cancel the retreats during those times instead of mandating masks based on the numerous breathing exercises we engage in together.

What do we ask of you regarding Covid 19? We request that you do not knowingly attend if you are sick of any contagious bug. We will rebook you on a later retreat date.

More than anything, we look forward to celebrating with the world when COVID-19 and its variations are a thing we talk about in the context of “remember when” it stopped us from feeling safe among one another. I can’t wait to hug strangers in the grocery store just because I can. It is coming soon.