The Team



Let’s start with the co-founder of Oniya Ranch


Cree initiated the vision for helping human minds through partnership with horse hearts. He represents the wild, the free and the spirit of the horse. There is nothing like looking into this horse’s brown and blue eye and hearing that everything is going to be okay.

Cree is a Registered Quarter Horse (Ova’s Roundup Boy)

our coaches

Our coaching team consists of three herds. The Americans are the locals that have lived in Montana most of their lives. They are our family horses and donkeys with hearts of gold. The Canadians are the rockstar herd that retired from the legendary Cavalia productions in 2020. During their ten years of being celebrated entertainers, they made a difference for thousands of people all over the world. Today this spirited bunch continues to create an even deeper difference for the people who visit Oniya Ranch. The Ranch Horse herd is the curious crew that loves to work the ranch, but on occasion, they can carry our guests to where they need to go.



Astro represents power. He communicates with clarity, but he also struggles with his own strength. How to use it. He is a beautiful mirror for many of us that straddle control versus support. He is giving and taking. He is stunning. He is charming and will steal your heart.

Astro is a Registered Andalusian (Hubble D’Astra)


Chief represents wisdom. He led the Canadian herd over the last 10 years in their high-profile productions around the world. Chief will give you strength and guide you to greatness in his calm, confident coaching style.

Chief is a Registered Arabian (AW Afire Chief)


Gus is the lieutenant. He will have your back and your heart. He represents loyalty within the herd. There are not too many more comforting experiences than spending time with Gus.

Gus is a Registered Arabian (Never Say Never RW)


Silver represents the mystical. He is our true unicorn. He lives his life his way and operates in his own beautiful, magical world. He doesn’t live by anyone else’s rules, and he will push the boundaries that others set for him. He will teach you how to be you.

Silver is a Registered Arabian (Silver Arrow Amiri)


Bravas represents overcoming fear. He knows fear, but he continually works on himself to trust and believe that everything is going to be okay. He is also one of the retired performers that loves the limelight. We make sure he is applauded regularly. It matters to him and all of us. Bravas will teach you to face your fears and how to be a star.

Bravas is a Registered Arabian (Juan Miguel Bravas)


Frosty represents self-expression. Frosty is very fancy. He prances and keeps his tail high in all situations. He eats well, plays well and is the very best friend. Spending time with him is like having a new, flamboyant best friend that says all the right things.

Frosty is a Registered Arabian (Frosted Fire DH)


Nezma represents heart. He is all love…and play. His gentle deer-like energy draws everyone in. Once he has you, he will be curious, loving, and playful until you open your heart. He is highly intelligent and knows how to connect on many levels to ensure a deep connection. We love you Nezma.

Nezma is a Registered Arabian (Spyderman WMT)


Pearl represents support. He always plays the role of backup to all the horses. In some circles he may be considered low man on the totem pole. However, if you really watch, you see a powerful and stunningly beautiful horse that knows exactly how to support leaders. Pearl will be there for you too. He knows your win is his win.

Pearl is a Registered Arabian (Psyting O Pearls)



Maya represents the creative, feminine energy in all of us. You may not initially see her leadership, but that is the true sign of a leader. Leading from behind is the most beautiful way to create results. She leads the entire ranch through her innate magical feminine grace.

Maya is a Registered Quarter Horse (Maybe on a Sunday)

Daisy the Donkey

Daisy represents character. You will see when you get here. She is sweet, funny and a little sneaky. Donkey was initially chosen to protect the Overgaard herd in Plentywood, Montana and she has fiercely lived up to her role against the coyote hooligans up North.

Poppy the Donkey

Poppy represents trust. You will have to earn hers, and she will teach you what trust feels like. This rescue donkey came over for a play date with Daisy and never went home. We are all so happy to see this animal living her best life with her new best friend.


Chocolate, Hollywood, Benny and Happy

These guys are adorbs. But don’t tell them that because they are manly Ranch Horses dammit! They are all sweet (except Hollywood can be a little burly, but we think he may just have resting bitch face). This posse of calm and cool guys joined us in 2021 when a friend needed to move off the ranch that they all lived on. He wanted to keep the horses together and we are fans of not breaking up herds, so we welcomed all of them with open arms. They are now our family riding horses and support the healing team when they are specifically requested or if they choose in.

Chocolate is a registered Quarter Horse (Smooth Chocolate Cat)
Hollywood is a registered Quarter Horse (Hillside Lucky Hook)
Benny is a registered Quarter Horse (JLC Chaparrito Okie)
Happy is a registered Quarter Horse (Makin Freckles Happy)


Kristi Overgaard


Liz Arlian

Director of Operations

Nykole Holmes

Ranch and Equine Director

Karla Aus (Sister)

Chief Nurturer

Jesse Grandy (Mom)

Mother of Oniya

Tracy Daynes

Bodywork Guide

Michael Romane

Chief Designer



The Hugger


The Sweet Man


The Constant Fetcher

Annie Oakley

The Crazy One

Willie Nelson

The Pond Junkie

Waylan Jennings

The Loving Brother



Check out the song our team wrote with Shawn Eiferman

Our Values