Good morning. No matter what time you are reading this post, good morning, because Oniya is a wake-up call. It was my wake-up call from living from the flailing end of a firehose to moving back and powerfully directing the flow. Oniya is the Lakotan word for breathe. The name came to me in a temple during my breathwork certification in Bali while I was on a year sabbatical trying to figure out why I consistently chose to place myself in fear, overwhelm, over-producing, over-consuming and over-thinking. It isn’t lost on me that my name is Kristi Overgaard. I came into this lifetime branded with the theme of over-doing it:)

My wake-up call was to stop, breathe, get outside, and connect back into nature and the nature of manifesting through my thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world around me to create a beautiful, humorous, healthy, “successful” and lighthearted life. Basically, over-gaard my thoughts instead of my reactions. It is the constant mantra we all hear about… your thoughts are your reality. It is in all the books, refrigerator magnets, and the bumper stickers. But when you hear it from nature, it lands in a much more cellular, spirit-led way. Especially when you hear it from a horse.

Oniya's Yoga Room

There is a lot going on in the world that can bring your mind to living in complete fear and doom that has you operating at the end of that firehose. Oniya is a natural place filled with an energy that immediately drops your shoulders, takes you in and shares the magic of remembering. Remembering yourself, who you are, how to see what is, what you want, and how to play again. You will remember that there is a lot of beautiful things going on in the world when you look at the real reality. You get to take a break from the “news” and tech-based hype that is manufacturing a mass anxiety attack and see that you are the powerful creator of your life and that you do have a choice in how it all plays out.

My favorite thing about Oniya is who we have attracted to date. We are attracting individuals and companies that are high performing and up to something big in their world. They are good people who love humans, animals, nature, and the idea that they can have more of what they want. Because of their lifestyles, that “more” is typically more downtime, more time outside, more time to embody what they want to see in the world. Our guests give me all the faith in the world about the human race, and what we can become together.  

We have had musicians, leaders, mothers, fathers, creatives, songwriters, artists, healers , and good-hearted people who have come here to make sure they are grounded and renewed. They have been making sure their thoughts about themselves and the world around them are in check. On the ranch they remembered that they can drive mass consciousness away from anxiety to a place of calm and the realization that we actually live on a beautiful planet that guides our reality through seasons, sunrises and sunsets, collaboration, growth and a sense of wonderment. Because our guests tend to have a megaphone to the masses, they will help lead others to the wake-up call to a joyful existence that they create for themselves. 

At Oniya, we are blessed to be in Montana where we spend a lot of time looking at the Big Sky. Day and night it provides the ultimate lessons in perspective. We are just the tiniest part of what is, but we are inherently connected to everything. We can shift our experience easily by being a thought ripple for beauty, love energy and heart-led living. Yes, you can do what you want to do. You only get to the end of the hose from fear and trying to please everyone else. You are the only authority over your life. Move back into powerfully directing and breathe again.

Check back with us to hear about what is going on here on the ranch. For more detail about what Oniya is and who we are, visit www.oniya.com.


About Oniya
Oniya is a private 400-acre horse ranch that is an invitation-only destination for high-profile and high-performing individuals and companies. Our introspective travel experience is rooted in nature immersion, breathwork, creativity, movement, real food and real fun with a highlight being the healing modality of horse herd interconnections (Equine Assisted Learning, EAL).  





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