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Executive Retreats

An innovative approach to provide your team clarity, collaboration and results

Re-Think Executive Retreats

At Oniya we follow nature’s lead, by supporting our guests in being happy, grounded and feeling healthy before they continue to grow or start something new. We utilize Montana’s Big Sky, 400 acres of private land, real food, beautiful accommodations, transformative experiences, a plethora of happy dogs, and our powerful horses to bring individuals into the present space and bring teams into a place to operate with a healthy herd mentality.

Effective, face-to-face collaboration has been proven to catapult clear organizational visioning and healthy growth.

We know those collaboration results are amplified when it occurs in nature, with a creative host, shared visions, and a dash of cowboy way.

Our Process

The first two days of our retreats are not about your business—they're about the people running your business

We provide a variety of activities that help get your team grounded, connected, and centered. Real food is served, and personal motivational practices are shared. Other activities include team building exercises, nature fitness experiences, and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) by a Certified FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Facilitator, and more. This creates a clear canvas for all involved, providing the creativity and energy to address your retreat’s ultimate objectives. All our interactions with horses are done on the ground. We will not be putting you on top of a live 1200-pound animal and hoping for the best.


Every company’s purpose for a retreat is unique. Whether it is to introduce and integrate a new leadership team, refine your brand through smart brainstorming, create a new culture, or to develop new company initiatives, Oniya provides all the elements for clarity and results.

We will support you in arriving at your collective goals by following the Oniya nature approach and an agenda developed by your organization, an agenda created by our team after understanding your objectives, or a hybrid approach of the two.

The Takeaway

The power of your experience doesn’t end with your last day on the ranch, it is just the beginning. Upon completion of your Oniya Think Well Retreat, we can offer your organization a Think Well Report capturing your Montana experiences and your retreat’s definitive decisions and outcomes. This report includes your your roadmap to your ways forward with deadlines, milestones, and team member commitments.

The Think Well Report supports teams in remembering, celebrating, and pinning the momentum to keep creating results long after they leave Montana.


Contact us for a discovery call to see if an Oniya Think Well Retreat would be a powerful experience for your team and in alignment with your company goals.

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