Walk Oniya

June 19 - June 23

Breathe in Montana 2023 [Remainder]

Montana in June is a visit to heaven on earth. We are blessed to be on this magical land for a time and we want to share its healing and inspiring qualities with you for this stunningly beautiful week. June is about new growth, immersing in beauty, and being still enough to know what you want and how you can get there. Montana will remind you of who you are and why you are here. The Big Sky, the rich earth, the sweet breeze, the eagles soaring above, a herd of healing horses, and a bunch of dogs will get you right back to you. You will see your own power and beauty emerge and realize you can create heaven on earth anywhere you go. This Montana land will never leave you. 

All retreats are based on our 11 Guides to Well-Being and are all unique based on the specific season of arrival. You will eat well, move your body, breathe, hang out with horses, spend some time alone, learn healing modalities, experience the real Montana, and play. But mostly this week, you will learn the art of being. You and the other attendees' intention calls will create additional details around your results at Oniya. Each retreat is customized by you.  

You will arrive on Monday night to get an overview of Oniya and get nested in your room. The next morning you will begin a week of renewing experiences at a slower pace, letting go of stress, some excavation, and a whole lot of fun. Friday morning will hold a celebration of your journey with some photographs around the ranch.

When you complete your reservation, you will be given access to our Guest Login page. There you will see all details about your arrival, what to pack, and contact information to ask as many questions as you want prior to your arrival.

Bonus: Keep in mind if you would like to stay at Oniya for additional days to integrate your experience or play in the area, you can book your room for additional days after your retreat is complete on Friday. See our Oniya Lodge page for rates.



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